Wolfram Universal Deployment System™

Overview of the Wolfram Universal Deployment System

Write once, deploy anywhere

Made possible by Wolfram's unique technology stack, the Universal Deployment System (UDS) offers a dramatic change in the economics of software development by automating the process of deploying functionality across the diverse technologies of the modern computing marketplace.

Create your material once, then use the UDS to automatically deploy it—as a high-volume service, a polished end-user product, or a flexible software component—across cloud, desktop, server, mobile, and embedded systems.

Overview of the Wolfram Universal Deployment System

Deployment Scenarios & Infrastructures

Deployment Scenarios

End-User Deployment

Create polished desktop, web or mobile applications with the UDS.

Machine-to-Machine Deployment

Set up convenient APIs and Function Call Interfaces with the UDS.

Component Deployment

Use the UDS to package functionality to be linked or embedded into other systems.


Deployment Infrastructures

Wolfram Cloud Technologies

Access full cloud capabilites through the web from anywhere.

Embedded Wolfram Engine

Have a Wolfram Engine running continuously on an embedded device.

Wolfram Private Cloud

Have your own complete Wolfram Cloud within your organizational structure.

Wolfram Engine Library

Use the Wolfram Eninge Library as a linkable software component.

Wolfram Engine for the Desktop

Run with an interactive document interface, or from the command line.

Wolfram SDKs

Build systems with SDKs for mobile and elsewhere.