New in Image Processing

Mathematica 12: New in Image Processing

Version 12 continues to utilize modern machine learning and neural networks to add state-of-the-art, high-level, efficient computer vision functions for object detection and recognition, facial analysis, text recognition segmentation and many more. In addition, a large number of new functions and updates have been introduced to enable easier workflow of applications in research and development, computational photography, microscopy, astronomy, medicine and more.

Mathematica 12: New in Image Processing
  • Expanded built-in computer vision functions. »
  • Automated object detection and recognition. »
  • Improved face detection and facial feature analysis. »
  • Improved and controllable text recognition. »
  • Built-in image style transfer using one or more templates. »
  • Immediately accessible pre-trained neural nets for images. »
  • Support for image pyramids for multiscale processing. »
  • Specification of color neighborhoods for smooth color segmentation. »
  • Expanded color analysis & processing for image recoloring. »
  • Improved and new color quantization methods. »
  • Automated brightness equalization to correct for uneven illumination. »
  • Conversion of images to vector graphics. »
  • Rasterization of 2D and 3D regions into images. »
  • Addition of new types of image keypoints. »
  • Immediate support for image arithmetic and statistical operations. »
  • Updated the internal storage of image data. »

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