Plot Themes

Mathematica Version 10 introduces plot themes to easily tailor plots for specific audiences, from business reports to technical articles. The built-in base themes provide a unified appearance and tone across visualization functions, and are easily tweaked using additional themes and options. Themes can be applied to a specific plot, a localized group of plots, or across the board.

  • Simply change the appearance for a single plot.
  • Globally change the appearance for all plots.
  • Select a theme based on the document stylesheet.
  • Automatically create a theme from the background color.
  • Automatically combine multiple themes.
  • Use themes as a starting point, using regular options to override or modify the theme appearance.
  • Business and marketing themes for high-impact visualizations.
  • Detailed and scientific themes for careful interpretation.
  • Monochrome theme for black-and-white publications.
  • Unique initial colors for people with color vision deficiencies.
  • Minimal theme for iconic uses of plots.
  • Sparkline theme for including plots and charts directly in text.
  • Axes themes adjust axes, ticks, grid lines, etc.
  • Font themes adjust font size, type, etc.
  • Size themes adjust the image size, shape, etc.
  • Theme auto-completions include sample images for easier selection.

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