Mail & Messaging

Mathematica 12: Mail & Messaging

In an increasingly interconnected world, email remains an integral part of everyday communications. Version 12 provides high-level and efficient tools for connecting to, importing and analyzing ever-growing mailboxes. On the reverse side, sending out customized content generated by the Wolfram Language has been made easier and more flexible than ever.

Mathematica 12: Mail & Messaging
  • Connect to IMAP servers. »
  • Flag, move and expunge individual emails. »
  • Access, create and delete entire email folders. »
  • Easily search for email on a mail server. »
  • Significantly improved MBOX import. »
  • New support for EML import. »
  • Efficiently import email metadata, such as headers.
  • Easily split out parts of email, such as quoted versus new content.
  • Significant improvement on sending emails. »
  • Interactively email notebooks without leaving the front end. »
  • Send HTML as well as text emails.
  • Support for sending high-level Wolfram Language objects.
  • Send SMS and MMS messages to your phone. »

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