New in Mathematica 12.3

Mathematica 12.3

With more than a hundred new functions, a thousand bug fixes and many substantially updated and enhanced functions, Version 12.3 delivers an important incremental release that makes Mathematica and the Wolfram Language more complete, faster, smoother and more convenient to use across many different areas.

Wolfram Mathematica Announcement Blog Stephen Wolframs Blog Entry announcing Version 12.3
  • Get direct solution values for equations with SolveValues and NSolveValues
  • Carlson elliptic integral functions have been implemented as well as the Fox H-function
  • Compute the bilateral or double-sided Laplace transform and its inverse with BilateralLaplaceTransform and InverseBilateralLaplaceTransform
  • Plot streamlines for vector field functions and vector field data with StreamPlot3D and ListStreamPlot3D
  • Plot lines through 3D data with ListLinePlot3D
  • Display a graph plot with geographic vertices on a map with GeoGraphPlot
  • New framework for the construction and manipulation of symbolic trees
  • Solve and Reduce now support systems of transcendental equations
  • Root now supports multivariate roots
  • DSolve now solves any linear system of ODEs with rational function coefficients and any linear ODE with q-rational function coefficients
  • New AxisObject to represent a generalized quantitative axis
  • MaterialShading allows for realistic rendering of surface material
  • Change the representation of a region with CanonicalizeRegion and RegionConvert
  • Test whether geometric objects satisfy given properties or relations with GeometricTest
  • Generate different kinds of videos with AnimationVideo, SlideShowVideo and FrameListVideo
  • Improved video processing capabilities, including addition of VideoRecord, VideoTimeStretch, VideoInsert and VideoReplace
  • Parse date strings using locale, time zones and more with FromDateString
  • Implemented SystemsModelControllerData, generated from control design functions with rich data needed to connect and analyze the closed-loop system
  • New computational chemistry functions including MoleculeName, MoleculeSubstructureCount and MoleculeAlign
  • Improvements to several import and export formats and additions of new formats such as SAS7BDAT, DTA and POR
  • Support for Java, Octave and system shells added to ExternalEvaluate
  • New data structures ImmutableVector and KDTree added
  • The function Around has been reimplemented and is now significantly faster

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