Core Language Enhancements

Key-Value Associative Arrays »

Version 10 introduces fundamental new constructs called associations. They associate keys with values, allowing highly efficient lookup and updating, even with millions of elements. Associations provide generalizations of symbolically indexed lists, associative arrays, dictionaries, hashmaps, structs, and a variety of other powerful data structures.

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Key-Value Associative Arrays in Mathematica 10

Symbolic Program Manipulation »

Version 10 introduces a flexible framework for performing formal operations. It is now possible to prevent evaluation of individual symbols or entire expressions. This level of fine control over the evaluation process is available both while inactivating and activating expressions. The impact of the new functionality is systemwide and leads to improved workflow, deep insights, and greater efficiency in computational, programming, and calculus operations.

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        Program Manipulation in Mathematica 10

Functional Programming »