What's New in Mathematica 10.4

Mathematica 10.4 capitalizes on the newest version of the Wolfram Language to deliver significant functionality gains for cloud services and systems, geographic and geometric computation, dynamic visualization, creating interactive applications, and a robust array of other improvements.

  • Support for pattern matching and significant speedup in many operations for Association
  • Ability to implicitly define an Entity by value and property
  • New CloudExpression for representation of an expression whose value is persistently stored in the cloud
  • Experimental user interface functionality for creating interactive applications using AskFunction
  • Scaled plots can now be generated using ListPlotListLinePlot, and DateListPlot through the ScalingFunctions option, plus all-new Dendrogram for constructing a dendrogram from the hierarchical clustering of list elements
  • New textual computation and data functionality for spell checking and word frequency analysis, plus substantially improved TextSearch and Snippet
  • New graphs and networks capabilities for PlanarGraph construction, and for determination of ConnectedGraphComponents for many different graph types
  • Experimental ClusterClassify to generate a ClassifierFunction based on clusters found in numerical, textual, and image data, as well as dates and times
  • New symbolic computation functions DifferenceQuotient and GreenFunction, plus additional functionality for number theory and signal processing
  • Added geometric computation formats and functions for constructing meshes from arrays, as well as for computing region properties such as inertia or general integral moments, bounding regions for point sets, and measures of regions defined by parameter formulas
  • Expanded support for Quantity data in probability and statistics, including new function QuantityDistribution
  • Experimental DynamicGeoGraphics function for creating dynamic, interactive 2D geographic images that can be panned and zoomed
  • New DynamicImage interactive image viewer for panning and zooming in large images, and dramatically expanded HighlightImage functionality for highlighting specified regions of interest
  • Function and data labeling capability improvements for some functions through the Labeled wrapper or the PlotLabels option
  • Support for Arduino Yun to directly interface with the Wolfram Data Drop
  • API connectivity via ServiceConnect to seven more external services—including Google AnalyticsSurveyMonkey, FRED, and PubMed - for data retrieval and analysis
  • Over 20 new interpreter types for use in Interpreter and related constructs, including deployed smart form fields
  • Added support for 24 new font families for additional customization of web and print work

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