Wolfram|Alpha-Powered Apps

The expanding library of Wolfram|Alpha-powered apps provides immediate optimized access to deep computational knowledge in specific educational, professional, and personal areas on mobile devices. The following list gives some examples for "Course Assistant Apps" and "Reference Apps" - a complete list of all Wolfram|Alpha powered apps can be found at the website of Wolfram Research.

Course Assistant Apps

Course Assistant Apps

An app for every course...

Gain a competitive advantage with Wolfram Course Assistant Apps. Each app is custom designed specifically for today's popular courses. Wolfram Course Assistant Apps use an intuitive interface that guides you through the coursework to help you solve problems, not just give you the answers.

Every App needs an internet connection for calculation.



Solve equations, plot functions, and factor polynomials with step-by-step assistance.
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Increase your understanding of derivatives, integrals, and limits and improve your exam scores.
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Music Theory

Learn about notes, intervals, scales, and chords and listen to them anywhere.
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Explore planets, moons, and stars, wherever you are in the world.
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Multivariable Calculus

Find solutions for higher-dimensional problems with support for partial derivatives and multiple integrals.
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