Geo-Related Properties

The Wolfram Language offers many convenience functions for easy access to current weather and astronomical data, and location-based knowledge for countries, states, and more—all integrated with powerful geographic visualization functions such as GeoGraphics. With comprehensive support for extended regions, recent and historical earthquake data, and sun and moon positions, the Wolfram Language provides you with all the tools you need to work with geographic data.

  • Convenient functions for easy access to current weather and astronomical information.
  • Access location-based knowledge for countries, provinces, states, cities, and much more.
  • Produce visualizations of data using high-quality maps.
  • Take advantage of automatic discovery of location, time, and time zones.
  • Support for time zone specifications for both input and output.
  • Support for extended regions as well as specific geo coordinates.
  • Support for time instants and time ranges.
  • Support for current and historical data as well as some support for future predictions.

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