Geo Data

Geo Data in Mathematica 11

With Mathematica Version 11, the Wolfram Geo framework continues expanding its knowledge base of geo-related information, including new types of entities, new types of map backgrounds, geophysics data, new geo projections, and much more. All this, together with the extended functionality for geo visualization, makes exploring all kinds of interesting data about society, the world, and other planets even easier.

Key Features

  • Improved polygon data for all countries and many administrative divisions. »
  • New geo entities to handle continents and other geographic regions. »
  • New data for historical countries, empires, etc. »
  • More than 100 new projections, grouped by properties. »
  • New geophysics data on the gravitational and magnetic fields of the Earth. »
  • Extensive data on roads and addresses to compute travel directions. »
  • Added satellite geo backgrounds for the Earth. »
  • Added satellite geo backgrounds for the Moon, Mars, and Pluto. »

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