Math Entities

Mathematica 12: Math Entities

The Wolfram Knowledgebase contains extensive data in a wide variety of knowledge domains. Curated mathematical data, first introduced in the Wolfram Language in Version 6, is an active area of development that continues to grow both in scope and coverage. As of Version 12, more than 20 mathematical domains are covered, including curves, laminae, solids, surfaces, knots, graphs, finite groups, function spaces, lattices and more. Precomputed values for a comprehensive set of properties are available for each mathematical entity.

Mathematica 12: Math Entities
  • Coverage for more than 20 mathematical domains.
  • Inclusion of more than 10,000 mathematical entities.
  • Precomputed values for a comprehensive set of properties in each domain.
  • Property values are available in computational form for immediate programmatic use.
  • Support for mathematical entities with parameters.
  • Support for entity instances and database-like queries using implicitly defined entity classes.

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