Mathematical Structures

Enhanced Algebraic Computation »

Mathematica Version 10 adds numerous extensions and improvements to its already strong capabilities in algebraic computation. Faster methods for symbolic solutions of real polynomial systems as well as numerical solutions of general polynomial systems make many problems computationally tractable for the first time. New, dedicated functions automate computing function domain, range, and periodicity. Finally, new matrix tests, enhanced matrix solvers, and many under-the-hood enhancements make linear algebra faster and easier than ever.

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Enhanced Algebraic Computation in Mathematica 10

Formal Math Operators »

Version 10 introduces a flexible framework for performing formal operations. It is now possible to prevent evaluation of individual symbols or entire expressions. This level of fine control over the evaluation process is available both while inactivating and activating expressions. The impact of the new functionality is systemwide and leads to improved workflow, deep insights, and greater efficiency in computational, programming, and calculus operations.

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Formal Math Operators in Mathematica 10

Dimensional Variables »

The Wolfram Language provides immediate access to curated formulas in hundreds of fields. With comprehensive support for dimensional analysis, thermodynamic calculations, and on-demand currency conversions, and the ability to search for existing formulas by physical quantities, the Wolfram Language makes quantity computations easier and more flexible than ever before.

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Dimensional Variables in Mathematica 10

Enhanced Graphs & Networks »

With framework-wide support of mixed graphs and multigraphs, 3D graph visualization, and powerful computational capabilities—all beautifully integrated in the Wolfram Language - Version 10 makes it easy to model, analyze, and synthesize graphs and networks better than ever.

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Enhanced Graphs & Networks in Mathematica 10

Formal Math Operators »