Wolfram User Portal

Wolfram Research runs the Wolfram User Portal, where all software products either bought from Wolfram or being freely available can be managed. Each user is responsible for his/her own product management. Everyone is free to create a login to the Wolfram User Portal as there are cost-free services by Wolfram Research as well. However, this login will become effective only with the purchase of a software.

  • Each Mathematica single license can be assigned to a user via the Wolfram User Portal. A user can be assigned several single licenses, too.
  • Each Mathematica site license MUST have ONE "site administrator" who manages the license and the services in the Wolfram User Portal.
  • All Premier Service benefits are generated via the Wolfram User Portal.
  • Passwords for Wolfram Research products, e.g. Mathematica, webMathematica and gridMathematica, are created via the Wolfram User Portal.
  • Each Wolfram Cloud product, e.g. Mathematica Online or Wolfram Programming Cloud, is also managed via the Wolfram User Portal.