Wolfram Mathematica Home Edition - the solution for the dedicated private analyst and technician

Have an interesting idea but no tool to make it a reality? Pursuing your interests is achievable with Mathematica Home Edition. With the power of the professional edition priced appropriately for hobbyists, Mathematica Home Edition is the software you need to make your ideas come to life.

The Mathematica Home Edition is a single-user license for purely private use and is firmly bound to an operating system. With the Mathematica Home Edition, the user gets a software licence for a much lower price than a commercial licence, which is almost identical to the full version in terms of mathematical functions (restrictions can be found at the bottom of this page). The Mathematica Home Edition is easy to purchase via our e-Shop.

Explore many things, give free rein to your ideas

3D print

3D print geometric models, using either an online printing service or your own printer.

Automate Teleskop

Interact with your telescope and automate astronomical observation.

Plan your Retirement

Plan your retirement or determine the best time to buy and sell stocks.

Flight patterns form drones

Create flight patterns for backyard drone races.n

Graphing exercise data

Graph exercise data from wearables, smartphones and other devices.

Create a weather station

Create your own weather station in the cloud.

Go beyond Photoshop

Go beyond Photoshop with advanced programmatic image processing.

DIY sous vide cooker with Raspberry Pi

Construct a DIY sous vide cooker with Mathematica and Raspberry Pi.

Help with homework

Help kids with homework in any subject with instant access to real-world data.

Reasons for choosing Mathematica Home Edition

Powerful and easy to use

Mathematica Home Edition draws on its algorithmic power and careful design of the Wolfram Language to create a system that's uniquely easy to use. If you don't have programming experience, no problem—as you can use predictive suggestions and natural language input to simply type in plain English with no coding needed.

Connect to all devices

Connect your 3D printer, sensors and remote toys to the computational power of Mathematica using our ever-growing database of connected devices.

Compute from anywhere

Add on-the-go access to projects with Mathematica Online. Compute on the desktop, in the cloud and on mobile devices.

Access multiple data sources

Mathematica Home Edition contains curated data taken directly from Wolfram|Alpha—plus you can find, import and format data from thousands of devices.

Interact with documents

Organize everything—data, code, presentations and more in the file format of your choice, including PDFs, Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, Microsoft Word documents, Wolfram Notebooks or HTML format.

150.000+ examples

Get started with almost any project with help from 150,000+ examples in the Wolfram Documentation Centerr, over 11,000 open-code Demonstration notebooks in the Wolfram Demonstrations Project and a host of other resources.

License support

Also available are service options for Mathematica Home Edition that provide technical service, free upgrades and a host of additional benefits.

Community assistance

With Mathematica Home Edition, you have a large peer network available via Wolfram Community, where you can ask questions, see others' examples, etc.

Mathematica Home Edition Delimitation

  • A banner "Mathematica Home Edition" is displayed in the notebooks
  • Use purely privately on a PRIVATE computer
  • The use in a company/authority/teaching institution is excluded
  • The use in any form for things of a company/authority/teaching institution is excluded
  • Registration to a private address only
  • Wolfram Lightweight Grid Manager is not supported
  • E-mail support only for 30 days from date of purchase