What's New in Wolfram Finance Platform 2.2

Based on the Wolfram Language 10.3, Wolfram Finance Platform 2.2 further expands its unrivaled base of computational, knowledge, and interface capabilities.

Enhanced Time Series Analysis and Random Processes Financial Signal Processing

Enhanced Time Series Analysis and Random Processes

Wolfram Finance Platform now includes fully automated fitting and diagnostics across the full suite of time series processes. It also expands on the already extensive random process framework, making it easy to forecast market volatility, analyze correlation in data series, test hypotheses about market dynamics, and more.

Documentation: Time Series
Documentation: Time Series Processes
Documentation: Random Processes

Financial Signal Processing

Estimate the movement of equity prices such as stock prices, options prices, or other types of derivatives with built-in signal processing. Signal processing functions now automatically work with time series.

Documentation: Signal Processing
Data Science and Machine Learning Highly Automated Computation-Driven Report Generation

Data Science and Machine Learning

Reduce risk and improve algorithmic trading strategies using integrated machine learning capabilities. Wolfram Finance Platform also introduces fundamental new constructs called associations.They associate keys with values, allowing highly efficient lookup and updating for very large datasets.

Documentation: Machine Learning
Documentation: Associations
Documentation: Computation with Structured Datasets

Highly Automated Computation-Driven Report Generation

Wolfram Finance Platform provides sophisticated tools for automated document creation. Create templates, customize the output, and generate reports with interactive charts and dynamic computations that can be scheduled and shared in the Wolfram Cloud.

Documentation: Automated Reports
Documentation: Data Visualization
Integrated Unit Testing Enterprise Deployment

Integrated Unit Testing

Improve your software development process with the new built-in testing framework in Wolfram Finance Platform. Write and run tests for your code to ensure that your functions or applications operate as intended—at any stage of the development cycle.

Documentation: Systematic Testing & Verification

Enterprise Deployment

Instantly deploy your programs in the cloud, creating APIs, interactive web content, mobile apps, and much more with Wolfram Finance Platform.

Documentation: Cloud Functions & Deployment
Integrated Finite Element Method Comprehensive Graph Computation

Integrated Finite Element Method

DUse the built-in finite element method in Wolfram Finance Platform for fast and accurate pricing of derivative contracts and for other applications in quantitative finance.

Documentation: Finite Element Method
Documentation: Partielle Differentialgleichungen

Comprehensive Graph Computation

The comprehensive graphs and networks capabilities in Wolfram Finance Platform offer a nontraditional approach to finance, delivering an intuitive insight to market data.

Documentation: Graphs & Networks