OriginPro and Origin Interface

OriginPro and Origin provide an easy-to-use interface including a scientific multi-sheet workbook with support for up to 90 million rows and 65,527 columns per sheet. The worksheet can be extensively customized to support metadata including Sparklines, and can also include floating or embedded graphs. Workbooks can be configured as Analysis Templates and Custom Reports for automating repetitive tasks.

Workbooks, graphs, notes and other windows can be arranged in a flexible, user-defined hierarchy of folders and sub-folders in the OriginPro/Origin Project File (OPJ). All components of the OriginPro/Origin Project can be interactively accessed when the project file is opened in OriginPro/Origin.

OriginPro/Origin Interface::The Origin Project file (.OPJ) combines data, notes, graphs, and analysis results in one document with arbitrary folder structure defined by the user.
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Current informationen on maximum size of data files, number of cells etc. at the OriginLab website

OriginPro/Origin Interface::Origin workbooks support multiple worksheets with customizable header rows for metadata, including sparklines for quick view of the data. OriginPro/Origin Interface::Place graphs as floating objects on worksheet along with your raw data and numeric results, to create custom reports. OriginPro/Origin Interface::Use the Worksheet Navigation dialog to quickly find sheets in workbooks with many sheets. OriginPro/Origin Interface::Use the Data Filter feature to quickly reduce data using conditions on one or more worksheet columns. All associated graphs and analysis results will automatically update. OriginPro/Origin Interface::Import data from many third party file formats such as National Instruments™ TDM/TDMS. OriginPro/Origin Interface::Directly send data from LabView™ to Origin using sub-VIs shipped with Origin. OriginPro/Origin Interface::Use the SQL Editor to import data from a database. Save the query in your worksheet and update data at any time.