Conditional Formatting in Origin 2019

Excel has a very useful and fancy way to visualize data directly on the spreadsheet called "conditional formatting".  This feature now is also available in Origin 2019 with three options:

  • Highlight: Color cells that meet the condition
  • Heatmap: Color cells by values using a palette or a color list
  • Duplicates: Color cells with duplicate values

The idea of conditional formatting is to easily identify the key pieces from large datasets, by applying special formatting to cells in the spreadsheet that meet certain criteria. It visually calls the user's attention to important data points like outliers or a certain event.


Highlight with built-in Condition

Highlight values greater than a specified value

Highlight with User-defined Condition

Here is a block of measurement data and outliers, that are outside 1.5 * StdDev, are highlighted

Origin 2019:  Conditional Formatting - Highlight sales greater than specified value Origin 2019: Conditional Formatting - Highlight outliers

Highlight Duplicates

Gene profiles from two different samples are cross compared to see if there will be matching pairs.


Visualize this sales data by cell values in worksheet — The sales usually start high at the beginning of the year and keep going down

Origin 2019:  Conditional Formatting - Highlight Duplicates Origin 2019: Conditional Formatting - Heatmap