New Data Highlight Tool in Origin 2019

Origin 2019 comes a with new feature that allows you to select one or more data points on a graph and have them highlighted not only on that graph but all other graphs in which the same data appears. It is called the Data Highlighter. One primary benefit of the Data Highlighter tool is that it allows you to visually isolate the data among multiple graphs and better evaluate the relationship that data has to the other data plotted in the graphs.

The Data Highlighter is enabled by activating a graph* and selecting the Data Highlighter button from the Tools toolbar that runs vertically along the left side of the Origin workspace, next to Project Explorer. Once it is enabled:

  • Click on a data point on one graph and the same data point on other graphs is highlighted.
  • The entire row containing the highlighted data is selected in the source worksheet.
  • Other data in the same row is also highlighted in graphs made from that data.
  • Control + click or hold your mouse down and drag to highlight multiple points and select multiple rows in the source worksheet.

Once you are finished using the Data Highlighter, any the data for highlighted points remains selected in the source worksheet. This allows you to:

  • Mask the data.
  • Delete the data.
  • Extract the data via copy-paste.
  • Perform some sort of analysis on the selected data.

* Data Highlighting is also supported directly from a worksheet using your mouse to select row headers with the Data Highlighter cursor. To highlight multiple rows, simply click and drag. For non-contiguous highlighting, hold down CTRL key and click on multiple row headers.

Below is an example of the Data Highlighter tool in action:

Origin 2019: Data Highlighter in Action
Data Highlighter in Action