What’s New in Origin 2018


New dialog to manage Apps from Origin.

  • Browse available Apps
  • Search with keywords and phrases
  • Install or update Apps with a single click

Windows Explorer Graph Preview

Easily identify an Origin project visually in Windows Explorer.

  • Middle panel displays image of last active graph
  • Preview panel has scroll bar to view all graphs in project

Cell Formula

Set up relationship between cells.

  • Works in Data Cells and User-Defined Label Rows
  • Stretch and extend formula
  • Use built-in functions or custom expressions
  • Fixed cell referencing supported

Reference Lines

Add custom reference lines to graphs.

  • Use constant values or custom expressions based on axis scales
  • Use statistics based on plotted data Lines update when data changes
  • Lines are saved with graph template for repeat use

Legend Customization

Customize legend or create your own.

  • Scale legend size, thickness, length, height
  • Symbol+line legend style options
  • Dialog to build custom legend entry
  • Add literal text to custom entry

New Origin File Types

New file structure with significant improvement in storage size and speed:

  • New file types for Project (OPJU), workbook (OGWU), graph (OGGU) and matrix (OGMU)
  • Maximum sheets and graph layers increased from 255 to 1024

New Graphs and Customization

  • Bridge Chart
  • 4D XYZ with Custom Boundary
  • Improved Column Gap Control for Double Y Column plots
  • More options for wrapping text labels

Batch Processing Improvements

  • Include graph image in summary sheet
  • Hover on image to view larger size
  • Select any row(s) and open/regenerate report book for those entries
  • Support for XYZ columns, Worksheet and Data Range

Custom Graph Export Area

  • Define area interactively on graph
  • Settings are saved with the graph
  • Custom area will be used for graph export and for copying and pasting to other applications

Unicode Support

Unicode support has been added to GUI:

  • Unicode characters in Long Names for worksheets, graph pages and other Origin window types
  • Enter Unicode text in worksheet cells and metadata area

App: Composite Spectrum Regression für Origin 2018 App: Global Peak Fit für Origin 2018 App: OPJ Searcher für Origin 2018

App: FFT Examiner für Origin 2018 App: Gage Study für Origin 2018 App: Kernel Density Plot für Origin 2018

App: Paired Comparison Plot für Origin 2018 App: Simple Fit für Origin 2018 App: Equation Solver für Origin 2018

Neue Apps

  • Simple Fit
  • OPJ Searcher
  • Paired Comparison Plot
  • Kernel Density for Polar and Ternary
  • Gage Study PRO
  • Equation Solver PRO
  • Global Peak Fit PRO
  • Composite Spectrum Regression
  • FFT Examiner