Cluster Plot for Grouped Data in Origin 2019

Trellis plot was introduced in Origin 2017 to present data in multiple panels. This plotting method is very useful if data is grouped with grouping information in one or two columns like below. While one drawback of trellis plot is that the X, Y scales have to be identical among panels. In Origin 2019 a new plot type called cluster plot is introduced, with which the user has more flexibility in plotting grouped data in multiple panels. Two main advantages are:

  1.  X,Y scales can be different among panels.
  2. User can choose to hide certain groups of data in the graph.


The data files for the following tutorial can be downloaded from the OriginLab website.

  1. Open the attached file, highlight col(E), select from menu Plot: Cluster Plot… to open the dialog. Make the following changes in the dialog.  Plot Type is set to Line+Symbol. Set col(C) and col(D) as layer separators along horizontal and vertical directions. Set col(A) as variable to color the data points. Click OK to see the result.

Origin 2019: Step 1 - Cluster Plot Tutorial

  1. Customize the graph as desired:

Origin 2019: Step 2 - Cluster Plot Tutorial

  1. If you want to hide some layers in the graph,  please click on the green lock on the upper left of the graph and select Show/Hide Layers… . In the dialog, uncheck 1 under drug node. The layers in the graph with drug=1 is hidden from the graph.

Origin 2019: Step 3 - Cluster Plot Tutorial

  1. Please note that the grouping columns are treated as categorical when making the plot. You can reorder the categories in grouping column in worksheet to reorganize the layers.