Column List View in Origin 2019: An Alternate Way of Viewing Worksheets

Origin 2019 features a new way to view data in worksheets. It is called Column List View and enabling it visually transposes columns into rows in the worksheet. It does not transpose the actual data - just how it is displayed in the worksheet.

Why would you want to do this? Perhaps you have a lot of columns and are tired of scrolling back and forth. Or let's say you have many columns with lots of metadata in label rows and you are more interested in the metadata than the actual data. With the traditional worksheet layout, it can be difficult to visually parse the metadata. Because Column List View only displays information found in column label rows, the information you are interested in is easier to find and digest. And if you turn on sparklines, you get a visual clue about the nature of the data in the columns.

To toggle on or off Column List View, activate the target worksheet and either hit CTRL + W or select View > Column List View from the main Origin menu. (Note that if you have zoomed into the worksheet, CTRL + W will first reset the worksheet to 100%. you would have to do it again to switch viewing modes.)

What can you do while in Column List View mode? Almost everything you can do in the traditional view mode including:

  • Reordering columns and label rows.
  • Adding column and cell-based formulae.
  • Filtering data.
  • Plotting most types of graphs.
  • Performing most types of analyzes.
  • Adding sparklines.
  • View a preview of the first few rows of data in a column by hovering over the left side of the first cell in the row (typically the Long Name).

And here is Column List View in action:

Origin 2019: Column List View
Column List View