New Features for Data Import in OriginPro and Origin 2022

OriginPro/Origin 2022: Origin Cloud Connect

Origin Cloud Connect

Origin 2022 adds support for connecting or opening certain file types directly from Google Drive and/or OneDrive without having to sync the file locally. The feature is called Origin Cloud Connect.

There are two options in Origin 2022 to connect to a cloud:

  1. "Connect to Cloud" (via "Data" menu):
    This invokes either the CSV Data Connector, Excel Data Connector, or Origin connector to connect to text-based or Excel files out on the cloud.
  2. Open from Cloud: (via toolbar button)
    This simply imports text-based or Excel files from the cloud into an Origin workbook without adding a Data Connector to the workbook. It also opens OGWU files such as analysis templates.
OriginPro/Origin 2022: Origin Cloud Connect

The OriginLab blog post zincludes videos showing not only an introduction to Cloud Connect, but also how to switch between the two cloud services or revoke privileges already granted.

OriginPro 2022: N42 Connector

OriginPro App: N42 Connector

The OriginPro app "N42 Connector" parses files conforming to the ANSI/IEEE N42.42 standard and makes the measurement data from radiation meters contained therein and the data from the analyses performed by the instrument available in OriginPro for further analysis and visualization.

The data connector for N42 files provided by OriginLab is very easy to use and can be used starting with OriginPro version 2022.

The N42 data connector has the following main functions:

  • The N42 app searches for channel data and imports it along with the associated metadata. Not all possible metadata elements can be imported yet, but through user feedback more metadata will be integrated over time.
  • Energy calibration is performed using the information contained in the file. Both polynomial calculations and Grendz values are supported. The data for neutron and gamma rays are stored in separate worksheets.
OriginPro 2022: N42 Connector

Download the app "N42 Connector" from OriginLab File Exchange
N42 sample files on the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) website
More information about the ANSI/IEEE N.42.42 standard at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)