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BeanDevice® AX-3DS

Wireless accelerometer dedicated to shock measurement with integrated data logger

The BeanDevice® AX-3DS is a wireless accelerometer dedicated to shock measurement with integrated data logger. This product comes in two versions ±2/4/8 g and ±6/12/24 g.

The SSD (Smart Shock Detection) technology allows the BeanDevice AX-3DS to wake up (during sleeping mode) whenever a shock event is detected and immediately start sending the measurement data to the BeanGateway® (Wireless Coordinator), all this in real time. With a warm start less than 10 ms, the BeanDevice AX-3DS can quickly track and monitor any type of shock event. The user can configure the shock threshold and time hysteresis of the BeanDevice AX-3DS from the highly versatile BeanScape monitoring software.

Characterized by a watertight (IP66) and small (80 x 55 x 21mm) aluminum enclosure, an integrated data logger that can store up to 1,000,000 data acquisitions, as well as a maximum wireless range of 500 meters (L.O.S.), this wireless device is well suited for all types of industrial applications.

While the vast majority of wireless sensors show their limits in harsh industrial environment, the BeanDevice® AX-3DS integrates an innovative antenna diversity design, boosting the radio link quality in environments subject to random and diverse disturbances. Antenna Diversity improves both the quality and reliability of a wireless link by 30 %.

The wide range of industrial protocols available on our wireless device (ModBus TCP/RTU/ASCII and OPC DA) enable an easy integration into your IT environment.

The BeanDevice AX-3DS is suitable for the following applications:

  • Health and usage monitoring systems (HUMS)
  • Shock measurement on vehicles & trains
  • Transportation Monitoring
  • Drop testing
  • Crash and impact testing
  • Ride Quality Measurement

Main Features

  • Wireless accelerometer dedicated to shock measurement with integrated data logger
  • Scalable measurement range : ±2/4/8 g or ±6/12/24 g
  • Excellent radio link thanks to the antenna diversity developed by BeanAir®
  • SSD (Smart Shock Detection) Technology by Beanair
  • Non contact actuation for faster installation
  • Streaming mode: 1000 samples per second on each channel (maximum)
  • Maximum radio range : 500 m (L.O.S)
  • Ultra-Low Power Radio Technology IEEE 802.15.4
  • Embedded Data Logger : up to 1,000,000 data acquisition records
  • OPC server allowing real time access from your IT system to the BeanScape® (available on BeanScape® Premium+)
  • Entirely autonomous system with an integrated Lithium-Ion battery charger
  • Watertight aluminium enclosure (IP66)
    • Dimensions (L x l x h): 80 x 55 x 21 mm
    • Weight: 145 g rechargeable battery included
  • Free Scilab scripts for FFT & PPV filtering
  • CE marking
  • Directive R&TTE (Radio) ETSI EN 300 328

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