Torque Sensor using Nano Strain Gauge

Torque Measurement using Nano Strain Gauge

Torque refers to a set of forces applied to a mechanical system. This torque induces a variation of the kinetic moment of the system, it deformation and movement. More exactly this moment of force causes the rotational movement of the system around an axis.

Torque measurement is fairly complex even if it may be inferred from a measurement of forces.

The strain gauge torque measurement system is based on the principle of measuring a deformation proportional to an applied force.

The chain transmission must include a deformable test specimen on which are bonded the strain gauges. The gauges transform the deformation of the test body into an electrical signal, so the torsion experienced by the rotation shaft under the effect of the torque forces applied to it.

Then, it remains to transmit the information from the strain gauges to a data channel, by connecting directly to an electronic or via a contactless transmission.

With this system we can realize static torque measurements as well as dynamic torque measurements.

Torque sensor using Nano Strain Gauge

The size of the nano strain gauges as well as the nature of their substrate (polyimide) allow you to easily integrate them into your torque sensors.

The nano strain gauges have a very low power consumption which facilitates the realization of communicating torque sensors.

Their gauge factor is very high (G = 30) and allows you to perform high-precision torque sensors.

Example Application of Torque Measurement

Measuring an engine torque allows to verify the real power of a motor or a system.

The measure of torque between a screwing machine and a group to be squeezed allows for example, to set up schedule stops of tightening.

The measure of the tightening torque is widely used in the bottle cap industry (during bottling, the tightening torque of the system "bottle-cap" must be adapted to the use of the product).

Products used

Nanolike: Nano Strain Gauge

Nanolike Nano Strain Gauge

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