New in Minitab 22

Extended Statistical Methods

Nonparametric Capability Analysis

With the non-parametric process capability analysis, Minitab 22 offers a reliable solution for evaluating the performance of a process when no distribution or transformation is suitable. The non-parametric process capability can be found in the menu "Stat > Quality Tools > Capability Analysis".

Minitab 22: Nonparametric Capability Analysis

Evaluate Measurement Process (EMP Crossed)

The Evaluating the Measurement Process method (EMP crossed) provides the evaluation tools for the process variation in a measurement system with crossed designs using the preferred Wheeler‘s EMP criterion. Thus, this evaluation method in Minitab 22 offers a new alternative to the existing measurement system analysis tools. You can find the corresponding command in the menu "Stat > Quality Tools > Gage Study".

Minitab 22: Evaluate Measurement Process (EMP Crossed)

Improved Hypothesis Test and Confidence Intervals

Several improvements have been made to the hypothesis test and confidence intervals. Minitab 22 includes additional methods to improve the accuracy and appropriateness of results, including Wilson-score and Agresti-Coull. Moreover, users have the option to define the event value in the dialog now.

Minitab 22: Improved Hypothesis Test

Automated Capability Analysis

The automated process capability analysis newly introduced in Minitab 22 automatically determines a suitable distribution for the process capability analysis based on plausibility and p-value. If no distribution is suitable, a transformation or a nonparametric estimation method will be used. The method can be found in the menu "Stat > Quality Tools > Capability Analysis".

Minitab 22: Automated Capability Analysis

Interactive Table Builder

Mit der interaktiven Funktion "Tabellenerstellung" in der Grafikerstellung sowie der Live-Vorschau lassen sich Zusammenhänge zwischen Variablen jetzt noch besser interaktiv untersuchen und aussagekräftige Statistiktabellen per Drag-and-Drop-Oberfläche erstellen. Die in Minitab 22 neu gestaltete Tabelle verbessert die Lesbarkeit und das Gesamterlebnis für den Benutzer.

Minitab 22: Interactive Table Builder

Enriched Visualizations

Interactive Pareto Chart in Graph Builder

As of Minitab 22, the Graph Builder includes an interactive tool for Pareto charts, which can be used, for example, to identify the errors to be prioritized or the feature that contributes most to a result.

Minitab 22: Interactive Pareto Chart in Graph Builder

Enhanced Graph Editing

Results can be interactively customized by using the new graph editing capabilities:

  • Show/hide gridlines at major tick positions
  • Add reference lines on continuous scales in existing graphs
  • Add Y-value data labels for primary data depictions in an existing graph
  • Customize graph size with an option to maintain the aspect ratio of the graph when a dimension is specified
Minitab 22: Enhanced Graph Editing