Minitab – Additional Minitab Modules

Minitab – Additional Modules

You can complement your Minitab software by the following optional, chargeable additional modules:

  • Predictive Analytics Module
    Predictive Analytics Module in Minitab shows additional chargeable functions with gray background
    With this module, users can extend the CART®technology already integrated in Minitab by the algorithms TreeNet® and Random Forest® ffor machine learning. Both tree-based algorithms are especially useful for mapping nonlinear relations and can handle fuzzy data, which other methods face difficulties with. Both algorithms, TreeNet as well as Random Forest, are very accurate and easy to interpret.
    The Automated Machine Learning (AutoML) helps Minitab to select and display the model best suited from the algorithms CART (Classification and Regression Tree), TreeNet and Random Forest for predictive analytics.
    More about Minitab’s additional modulel: Predictive Analytics
  • Healthcare Module
    Minitab Healthcare Module: Overview
    The Healthcare module provides experts in healthcare and hospital management with a guided data analysis. The focus here lies on improving typical performance indicators. No statistical knowledge is necessary to select the appropriate analysis method.
    More about Minitab’s additional module: Healthcare

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