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Statistics in Quality Management for Production, Trade, Administration, Finance, Six Sigma

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"Minitab Statistical Software"is a system for quality statistics, business analytics, business intelligence and data modelling. Minitab was specially developed for data analysis in quality management and offers a comprehensive range of statistical methods and graphical tools, integrated in a system environment for data import, 2D and 3D data analysis, project management, reporting and documentation of results. CART-Technologien (CART® classification and CART® regression) are available for data mining in the areas of predictive analytics and predictive maintenance. The globally recognized Minitab software package sets standards in quality analysis for production, trade, administration, finance and insurance across all sectors and is also used in medical technology and pharmaceutical industries. Another special focus of Minitab lies on the analysis methods according to the Six Sigma methodology, Lean Six Sigma and Design for Six Sigma.This is one of the reasons why leading consultants recommend Minitab worldwide.

The integrated Assistant helps to select the appropriate "software tool", taking into account any preconditions, by using an interactive decision tree and to correctly classify the resulting outcome. The comprehensive online help system with numerous practical tutorials makes it easier to get started.

Minitab proves itself to be extremely customizable thanks to the integrated programming language and Python integration, which can be used to auomate processes, as well as the option to create individual menus. This makes it possible not only to define company-wide standards, but also to adapt Minitab to the company's own needs and provide users with only those analyses that are required company-wide.

Minitab mit CART
Minitab with CART
Minitab Benutzeroberfläche
Minitab User Interface
Minitab Assistent: Messsystemanalyse
Minitab Assistant: Measurement Systems Analysis

Minitab offers special tools for the planning phase of new production cycles or production lines in particular. The tools for the "Design of Experiment (DoE)" allow for a more precise planning, monitoring and analyzing of process sequences and, therefore, result in fewer experiments. In addition, "reliability and survival analysis" help to optimize product designs.

As a quality expert, you know that the survival of a company depends to a large extent on the availability of its products and the efficiency of its processes. Whether you are introducing statistical quality control or expanding/improving an existing quality system, you need software that can grow with your needs. The answer is Minitab.

Short Overview of Minitab Features

Minitab as a Hybrid Application

Since v20 (full version), Minitab is a hybrid application consisting of the software Minitab Desktop (PC installation) and the Minitab Web App (in Minitab cloud with slightly different functionality). Customers can choose to use both systems or only the Minitab Desktop option (known to customers until v19).

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