SPM & Minitab's Machine Learning Techniques

Minitab Statistical Software and Salford Predictive Modeler (SPM) are the ideal combination to analyze big data sets using machine learning techniques. The following image shows the interaction of Minitab and SPM.

Zusammenspiel von Minitab und SPM


CART® Modeling Engine

Classification and Regression trees

CART has revolutionized the field of advanced analytics and the current era of data science. CART is one of the most important tools in modern machine learning.

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TreeNet Logo

TreeNet® Modeling Engine

Gradient Boosting

TreeNet modeling engine is Salford Predictive Modeler's most flexible and powerful machine learning tool, responsible for at least a dozen prizes in major data mining competitions since its introduction in 2002. TreeNet adds the advantage of a degree of accuracy usually not attainable by a single model or by ensembles such as bagging or conventional boosting.

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Random Forests Logo

Random Forests® Modeling Engine

Breiman and Cutler's Random Forests

Random Forests provides insights into data by generating methods that are applied after the classification trees are grown. Furthermore, it includes new technology for identifying clusters or segments in data as well as new methods for ranking the importance of variables. Random Forests is a collection of many CART trees that are not influenced by each other when constructed. The sum of the predictions made from decision trees determines the overall prediction of the forest. Random Forests is great at analyzing complex data structures embedded in small to moderate data sets containing less than 10,000 rows but potentially millions of columns.

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Mars Logo

MARS® Modeling Engine

Automatic Non-linear Regression

MARS is ideal for users who prefer results similar to traditional regression while getting essential nonlinearities and interactions. The MARS methodology's approach to regression modeling effectively uncovers important data patterns and relationships that are difficult, if not impossible, for other regression methods to reveal.

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ADDITIVE - Your Solution Partner

Machine Learning, Datamining und Big Data projects are a rather complex matter, which afford the use of many different techniques to get results in the end. These must be evaluated before a decision can be made, if the results represent a real solution because not every result is correct.

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