New graphics tools in GAUSS 19

New suite of tools for time series plotting

High-frequency and irregular data

The new function plotTSHF supports

  • Irregularly spaced data, such as tick data.
  • Many frequencies such as milliseconds, seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, quarters and years.

Log scaled Y-axes

New functions plotTSLog and plotAddTSLog create time series plots with the Y-axis in log space.

plotTS supports daily data

Expanded formatting options

Simple controls for tick locations

Specify the location of the first X-tick label location to be -110 and the interval between ticks to be 10 and GAUSS takes care of the rest.

More control for box plot grouping

Grouped boxes

Un-grouped boxes

Other new formatting functions

  • plotSetYTicLabel controls the formatting and angle of Y axis tic labels.
  • plotSetLegendBkd controls the color and opacity of the legend background.