New in ConceptDraw PROJECT 13

ConceptDraw PROJECT 13 comes with new functionality for allocating resources by groups across multiple projects. The new report that is added to the micro-reports pool enables you to communicate with the project team even more effectively. A set of interface improvements were inspired by feedback from project management professionals who have been users of ConceptDraw software for a number of years.

Proper allocation of project resources manages workloads to avoid resources being overloaded or underutilized. ConceptDraw PROJECT allows organizing resources into groups. You can create as many resource groups as you need. A single resource can belong to several groups. Use groups when generating reports to show summary information on resource assignments and loads.

ConceptDraw PROJECT 13: Organization of resources into groups

Communication with the project team is an important part of a project manager's daily routine. An effective project communication flow ensures that every team member, no matter where they are based, is updated with the information they need when they need it. ConceptDraw PROJECT's micro reports are used to be tactical communication tools that provide status for certain project elements to certain persons. Micro reports are quick to generate and quick to understand, which is why they are popular. A new "Today Task List to All resources" report has been added to the set of reports used for messaging team. It allows you to generate emails with a list of tasks for the current day for all employees with one click.

ConceptDraw PROJECT 13: Micro Report 'Today Task List to All resources'