What is New in MINDMAP 13

The new ConceptDraw MINDMAP 13 includes a set of improvements tailored to the needs of our users. We are grateful to active MINDMAP users for the ideas that we use to improve MINDMAP. The new release provides improved integration with ConceptDraw PROJECT and gets your specific tasks done quickly. Extended filter and search capabilities are presented in the renewed Filter panel. We hope the ConceptDraw MINDMAP 13 to be the tool that helps you effectively achieve your goals in planning, organizing, and communicating.

Additional Functionality for Working with Filters

You can use Filter Panel to search and filter out your Mind Map Information. The purpose of filtering is to focus on the crucial content of the mind map. The filter in ConceptDraw MINDMAP 13 helps to display relevant information by temporarily removing unnecessary entries from the view. You can filter your mind map based on specific criteria, including topics, Notes, and even Symbols. ConceptDraw MINDMAP 13 provides the ability to customize the filter by topic content: icons, callouts, hyperlinks as well, as by project task data. Additionally, you can save your custom filters for the current document.

The renewed Filter panel contains three tabs: Filter Map, Data Filter, and Filter List.

  1. The Filter Map deals with three types of filters:
    • Filter by the text contained in topics, topic types, notes, callouts, hyperlinks, and relationships
    • Filter by the topic accessories: notes, callouts, hyperlinks, and relationships
    • Filter by icons
  2. The Data Filter is used to filter data associated with the Task and Milestones Topic Types.
  3. The Filter List contains the saved filters for the current document.

Additional Functionality for Working with Filters in ConceptDraw MINDMAP 13
Additional Functionality for Working with Filters

Improved Topic Date Panel UI

The interface and functionality of the side panels from the Project Management section have been updated. The location of the UI controls has been changed on panels, used to manage data for Milestones, Projects, Project Group, and Human Resources. Several new controls have been added, such as, time and resource setting controls.

Improved Topic Date Panel UI in ConceptDraw MINDMAP 13
Improved Topic Date Panel UI

Improved Compatibility with MS Office

ConceptDraw MINDMAP gives you the ability to convert your mind map into an MS Word format, which makes using mind maps in your daily workflow even easier when it comes time to share them with other people. The latest version of ConceptDraw MINDMAP provides the ability to export to Microsoft Word document images as well as multi-page mind maps.

Export to Word in ConceptDraw MINDMAP 13
Export of Mind Maps to Word

Advanced Mind Mapping capabilities

Making a mind map gets our thoughts onto the page organically, allowing ideas to stem from one another as they occur. What if you suddenly find that you missed a thought or idea and it would be nice to find a place for it somewhere inside the already built map? Nothing is easier — you can insert an intermediate topic inside an existing topic chain just in a single click.

Advanced Mind Mapping capabilities in ConceptDraw MINDMAP 13 einfügen
Advanced Mind Mapping capabilities

Improved Interaction With ConceptDraw PROJECT

ConceptDraw MINDMAP allows you to exchange project data with ConceptDraw PROJECT. You can change the project schedule and general project details in the mind map structure. When you open this file in PROJECT, the file will save the date and duration changes made by MINDMAP.