Versionshistorie von ReaxFF: 2018 - 2012

Im Folgenden sehen Sie einen Überblick über die neuen Schlüsselfunktionen der jeweiligen Version.

ReaxFF 2018

Neu in ReaxFF 2018

ReaxFF has been included in the AMS driver as one of the engines, which means that all tasks that can be performed with the AMS driver are also available for ReaxFF. However, not all tasks available in the classic ReaxFF standalone program have already been ported to AMS, so in the 2018 release of the Amsterdam Modeling Suite, the standalone ReaxFF program and the ReaxFF engine coexist. This manual mostly describes the standalone ReaxFF program. For documentation on how to use ReaxFF in AMS, see the special page on ReaxFF as an AMS engine as well as the AMS driver manual.

Besides the addition of ReaxFF as an AMS engine, the standalone ReaxFF 2018 program has been extended with the following features: