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What's New in ODYSSEY 5.1

  • Support for Windows 8 and Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite
    • Minimum requirement for Windows: Vista.
    • Minimum requirement on the Macintosh: OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion.
  • Fully Touch Interface-Adapted for Windows
    • In Windows, use any combination of three input modes - touchscreen, trackpad, or mouse.
  • Four Levels of Content Display
    • Molecular Labs tailored to four different levels of depth and content coverage.
    • Available settings: Introduction to Chemistry, High School Chemistry, AP Chemistry, and College Chemistry.
    • Switch to another setting at any time via the Preferences dialog.
  • New, Updated, and Consolidated Molecular Labs
    • Isotopes, atomic radii, electron sharing, spectroscopy, polarity, surface tension, optical isomers, lipids, and more.
  • More Applied Chemistry Content and Additional Stockroom Models
    • New and updated topics, molecules, and compounds from all corners of chemistry.
  • Available iOS Apps Mirrored in the Windows/OS X Program
    • Released ODYSSEY iPad apps fully equivalent to corresponding Molecular Labs in the full ODYSSEY program.
    • Teach equally well with Windows/OS X computers or iPad tablets, or even in a mixed environment.
  • Improved Display of Orbitals and Other Electronic Distributions
    • Ultra-high resolution displays of atomic orbitals.
  • Full Reset to Default Settings
    • Easily reset the program to its original state (particularly for student usage in a lab setting).
  • Alignment with the Next Generation Science Standards* (applicable to High School Setting)
    • Aligned with the disciplinary core ideas of the NGSS.
    • Aligned with individual state standards for non-NGSS states.
  • Alignment with the AP Chemistry Curriculum (applicable to AP Setting)
    • Aligned with the revised AP Chemistry curriculum as it became effective in 2013.
  • Licensing Options
    • All licensing options now software-based - no more USB keys to keep track of.
    • Flexibility to accommodate annual and permanent licenses, lab packages, one-on-one setups, and more.

* Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) is a registered trademark of Achieve. Neither Achieve nor the lead states and partners that developed the Next Generation Science Standards was involved in the production of, and does not endorse, this product.

Instructor's Edition Features
(not included in Student Edition)

  • Answer Key.
  • Misconceptions for each molecular lab.
  • Customization of questions (and option to create new labs).
  • Saving and hyperlinking of molecular labs (in addition to saving of 2D images and 3D models).
  • Alignments with teaching standards (applicable to High School Chemistry and AP Chemistry settings).

What's New in ODYSSEY 4

  • Compare Models Side by Side
    Any two samples, shown on the same scale and using the same style. With or without dynamics. Ability to synchronize simulations.
  • Electronic Distributions
    Calculated on-the-fly for any system with up to 30 atoms. Watch shape data and polarity maps change as you manipulate the system.
  • Search Engine
    Tap into the program's large repository of prebuilt models and diverse teaching content. Find relevant information with ease.
  • Student Worksheets
    Questions can be answered right within the program for printing, saving, and e-mailing. Erase answers easily on student lab computers.
  • Geometric Changes
    Move molecules relative to each other, change bond lengths, and rotate around bonds, all without going to build mode.
  • Molecular Formulas
    Displayed on request for any sample.
  • Physical Properties
    Query numerous physical properties. Explicitly labeled as molar whenever applicable.
  • Snapshots
    Easily add images and galleries of images to worksheet answers.
  • Naming of Compounds
    Name non-cyclic organic compounds regardless of complexity. Includes full stereochemistry.
  • Charge Labels
    Highlight both ionic (net) charges and atomic (partial) charges.
  • Isotopes
    All models account for natural distribution of elemental isotopes.
  • Linear Regression
    Calculate fit lines and display correlation coefficients.
  • New Content & New Models
    Many additions to the Molecular Labs, Applied Chemistry, and Molecular Stockroom sections.

Instructor's Edition

  • Customization
    Change the text of a molecular lab, delete unwanted questions, add new questions, insert images—your imagination is the limit.
  • Authoring
    Create your own molecular lab entirely from scratch using a template.
  • Distributing Custom Labs
    Save any molecular lab (models plus instructions plus questions) in a selfcontained format. After upload to your institution's web server, students can access your lab via download and run it on any computer that has ODYSSEY installed.

What's New in ODYSSEY 2.3

ODYSSEY version 2.3 adds a number of significant new features:

  • Macintosh Release - For Intel as well as Power PC's
  • Windows Vista - New operating system supported
  • Organic Chemistry - New chapter with 10 experiments
  • Model Kit - Improved and simplified builders
  • Building Tutorials - Integrated 15 lesson tutorial
  • Zoom Function - Now linked to scroll wheel
  • Expert Key Words - New feature (Instructor's edition only)
  • Icon Tool Bar - Icon driven tool bar is available
  • Lone Pair Visualization - Schematic lone pair representation
  • Window Tiles - Customize Text, Plot, and Simulation Panels
  • Periodic Table Features - New colour scheme and coloration
  • Systematic Names - IUPAC Names now emphasized

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