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MathCore develops and supplies products and services that help professionals to understand and improve their productsin using mathematical modelling with Mathematica. ADDITIVE works together with the swedish company MathCore since a very long time in various projects.

MathCore has currently three major products MathModelica,  MathCode C++ and MathCode F90 for you as the ADDITIVE customer. The products from MathCore can help you to take advantage of the latest technology in modeling and simulation to improve and speed up the product development process.

MathModelica and the MathCode family offers great time savings as well as a means to improve and optimize the design. Your engineers will be able to spend their time being creative and productive, making the most of their skills, understanding and improving your products.


Am 30. März 2011 teilte MathCore mit, dass Sie von Wolfram Research übernommen wurden. Lesen Sie mehr in der Pressemitteilung.