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Mathematica 6 – Betriebssysteme

The Wolfram Demonstrations Project   Vista Screen Shot

OS X Screen Shot

  Linux Screen Shot

Mathematica 6 – Screenshots

Functions Navigator   Virtual Book
Uses All Standard Forms of Controls   Adaptive Sampling of Surfaces
Voroni Region   Full Support for Opacity
Arbitrary Ribbon Plotting   Create Realistic Surface Images
Immediately Create Diagram-Quality Graphics   Create Reports on Imported Data
Import and Process Medical Images   Instantly Create Notebooks from RSS Feeds
Extract Tabular Data from Web Pages   Flags
Built-In Access to Financial Datas   Enumerate Chemical Compounds
Visualize Links between Countries   Use Graphics Anywhere in Controls
Spread Interface Elements across a Document   Master-Quality Visualizations
Semantic Networks   Asymptote Rendering
Include Graphics Anywhere in an Expression   Input Graphics, Just Like Other Expressions
Visually Step Through Any Program   Set Arbitary Breakpoints
Break When Messages Are Generated   Guide Pages Give Conceptual Maps
A Typical "Home Page" for a Mathematica Function   Fully Searchable

Mathematica Drittentwicklerpakete

Optica Software
Übersicht der grafischen Benutzerschnittstelle
Rayica   Rayica

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