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Minitab 15: Creating New and Customized Minitab Menus and Toolbars

Menus and toolbars are like a dashboard for Minitab—and luckily, you’re not stuck with just preset options. You can easily customize the Minitab interface for greater speed, clarity, and efficiency and for quick access to the methods and tools that you use most often. Best of all, you can adapt Minitab’s flexible menus and toolbars as often as you like, as your data analysis needs change.

How can I customize menus and toolbars?

Here are three ways to customize menus and toolbars.

Expand or streamline choices

Here are three ways to customize menus and toolbars.

tools dropdown menu

original standard


Fill your Tools menus with resources you frequently use, such as links to favorite Web sites, external applications, and more. streamlined standard


To make your toolbars more concise, remove items from toolbars or hide a toolbar.

Create task-specific menus and toolbars

To avoid searching for frequently used commands, add them to menus or toolbars. Or, design new menus and toolbars for specialized tasks and projects. In Minitab Statistical Software, you can drag any menu, menu item, or toolbar button to another menu or toolbar.

my six sigma dropdown
quick stats dropdown
suppliers analysis  

Group all of the methods and features for quality improvement projects within specialized menus and toolbars or centralize the statistical functions that you frequently use.

Personalize the display

Need to see an icon more clearly? Want to change a button image or a command name? Consider the menus and toolbars your personal canvas for customizing colors, icons, item names—even shortcut keys.

green belt tools

personalized menu with shortcuts

You can add shortcut keys to save time executing the commands you use most often.

enlarged green belt icons

Change the appearance of toolbar items by editing their shape, color, and even size.

Try it yourself

Here's an example of how easy it is to design a new menu and create shortcuts to quickly display your own collection of commands.

Create an new menu

customize dialog box
  1. Choose Tools > Customize (or right-click any menu bar or toolbar and choose Customize).
  2. Click the Commands tab (shown at right). From Categories, choose New Menu.
  3. From the Commands pane, drag New Menu onto the main menu bar.
  4. From Categories, choose Graph.
  5. From the Commands pane, drag Bar Chart to New Menu on the menu bar. As you drag an item, a location bar indicates where the item will be placed.
  6. Repeat step 4 to drag all of your favorite graphs from the Graph menu to New Menu.

Edit item names and images

new menu cascade
  1. With the Customize dialog box open, right-click New Menu on the menu bar.
  2. Choose Name Button.
  3. In Enter button name, type My Favorite Graphs.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Repeat these steps to edit the item names of any of the individual graphs on the menu.

Add shortcut keys

my favorite graphs
  1. To assign shortcut keys for a graph, click the Keyboard tab in the Customize dialog box.
  2. From Category, choose Graph.
  3. From Commands, choose Bar Chart.
  4. In Press New Shortcut Key, type the shortcut keystrokes, such as [Ctrl + U].
  5. Click Close.

Restoring the default settings

You can restore menus, toolbars, and other customizable features to the original (default) settings at any time. To reset all menus, click the Menu tab on the Customize dialog box. Under Application Frame Menus, click Reset.

To reset shortcut keys, click the Keyboard tab on the Customize dialog box. To reset a single shortcut key, under Commands, highlight the command for the shortcut. Under Current Keys, highlight the shortcut keystrokes, and then click Remove. Or, click Reset All to restore all shortcut keys to default settings.

To reset other customizable features, click the appropriate tab in the Customize dialog box and follow similar steps.

Putting customized menus and toolbars to use

Customizing Minitab’s menus and toolbars can save you time when you perform your most frequently used analyses. Take advantage of the flexible display options by reorganizing the software interface to better support your project requirements and personal work style. For more information on customizing menus, toolbars, and other features of the software, see Minitab Help.

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