Wolfram – Webinar: Applying System Modeler to Engineering Workflows

Wolfram-Webinar: Applying System Modeler to Engineering Workflows


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Explore how companies and research labs are using System Modeler for modeling and simulation. System Modeler is an easy-to-use modeling and simulation environment for cyber-physical systems—users state it's 10x faster and 10x more powerful than the industry standard. During this webinar, a member of Assured Flow Solutions—an oil and gas consultancy that helps clients improve efficiency, profitability, safety, and sustainability—will present information about their projects, problems they've encountered, and solutions made possible with System Modeler.


  • Overview of SystemModeler
  • Case Study: Assured Flow Solutions
  • Q & A with Experts


  • Jan Brugård - CEO, Wolfram MathCore
  • Ankit Naik - Sales Engineer, Wolfram MathCore
  • Eric Smith - Assured Flow Solutions

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